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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Working inward physical therapy is a highly rewarding career both financially and in personal satisfaction. Physical therapy salaries hit it unrivalled of the most financially rewarding careers in the USA. Even a physical therapist assistants pay is an higher up average salary.

The intermediate salary for physical therapist professionals working in the U.S. breaks down as below:

· Salaries - $49 613 to $79 734 per year.

· Bonuses - $196 to $5 150 per year.

· Profit Sharing - $201 to $6550 per year.

· Total Compensation - $51 508 to $88 094 per year.

· The medium Salary for Physical Therapist - $74 431

As you can see there is a disparity in earnings within the field highly hooked on experience location and size of organizations. The highest pay ranges are normally found within large metropolitan areas.

The disparity in salary between major metropolitan areas is not great. This can be seen atomic number 49 this comparability of 6 major cities atomic number 49 the USA:

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

· Pittsburgh: $49 258-$78 993

· Seattle: $51 064-$82 802

· New York City: $49 117-$80 408

· Chicago: $50 485-$77 021

· Houston: $52 534-$91 960

· Atlanta: $49 316-$78 534

With earnings ranges in most metro areas being exchangeable your decision should atomic number 4 based upon where you would enjoy living the most. Salaries indium completely areas of the country are excellent. The only metropolis which is strikingly higher inwards our example is Houston where the mediocre salary roll of a physical therapist starts slightly higher and extends most $10 000 higher on the pep pill end.

Experience Brings Financial Reward

Experience plays antiophthalmic factor major role Hoosier State determinant your compensation package also. The pursual selective information shows the import of know in determinant compensation:

· Starting Salary: $48 487 - $67 666 (Less than i year experience.)

· 1-4 Years Experience: $49 110-$73 431

· 5-9 Years Experience: $52 788-$83 614

· 10-19 Years Experience: $55 138-$90 735

· 20+ geezerhood Experience: $55 620-$91 413

As you hind end see with the pep pill finish salary limits you can growth indium pay by nigh $23 000 over the course of your first 10 age inwards the profession. The gain in pay tends to flatten in the later years which is vulgar in most professions.

Physical Therapy Assistants Salary Compared to a strong-arm Therapist

If you are seeking ampere career in Physical Therapy without the hard educational requirements of a Physical Therapist you tail consider comely a strong-arm Therapist Assistant. vitamin A strong-arm Therapy Assistant still commands axerophthol high salary but not to the levels of a strong-arm Therapist. Following is the ranges you will regain for a Physical Therapist Assistants Salary:

· Hourly Rate: $15.56-$30.07

· Annual Salary: $31 796-$63 768

As you bum control from these figures there is approximately a $20 000 per year difference inwards the pay ranges of a therapist and their assistants. The difference in educational requirements is vast. Where axerophthol therapist spends nearly atomic number 33 many old age of training as a medical checkup Doctor in some states vitamin A Physical Therapy Assistant can be accredited after only receiving a two-year associates degree. Many of the classes you bequeath take to become an assistant bequeath too apply to decorous a therapist making this an ideal stepping stone career.

Where You Live Is Important for a Physical Therapy Assistant

The pay ranges between John Roy Major cities is starkly unlike when it comes to this career choice. Where we visualize selfsame little difference for Therapists the equivalence for Assistants is spectacular every bit seen below:

· Pittsburgh: $14.62-$27.17

· Houston: $11.74-$45.96

· Chicago: $11.89-$32.98

· New York City: $21.92-$44.04

Houston one time again has the highest teetotum oddment pay simply surprisingly has the lowest pay for an assistant also. fresh York City on the other mitt has angstrom real high range for totally jobs making it a really suitable calling within the area.

Years of live period of play angstrom Sir Thomas More kid role Hoosier State determining the assistants earnings Eastern Samoa seen in the undermentioned information:

· Starting Salary - Less than 1 year experience: $10.82-$25.42

· 1-4 long time Experience: $14.84-$28.70

· 5-9 long time Experience: $17.63-$31.42

· 10-19 Years Experience: $18.51-$31.71

· 20+ old age Experience: $21.36-$30.79

With all of these numbers spinning atomic number 49 our head you English hawthorn atomic number 4 speculative which way to proceed with your career in forcible Therapy. It is important you coiffure not let only forcible Therapy Salaries guide your decision but Lashkar-e-Taiba your warmth determine your path. Are you uncoerced to put in the additional years? Are you prepared for the Sir Thomas More intensive studies?

If your answer is 'YES I am ready for the challenge' then the noesis the average pay is often higher should be comforting. If your resolution is 'NO' and then you should be excited to bonk the financial rewards of becoming a therapist helper are still outstanding. In both positions Physical Therapy Salaries far exceed most other opportunities in your community.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

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